"Avmantling" - Articflow
For my project, I was tasked with creating an explainer video for stripping pipes. The client for this project was Articflow, a company that produces high-quality silage pipes.
The first step in this project was to gather all necessary information about the stripping process, including any tools and materials needed, as well as any potential challenges or common mistakes to avoid. With this information in hand, I set about creating a script for the video that would clearly and concisely guide the viewer through the stripping process, step by step.
Then I work on the animation and the video, and I make sure that all the instructions are simple to follow and that the final product was visually appealing. The end result was a professional explanation film that would be both educational and enlightening for the audience.
"Alarmkabel" - Articflow
Welcome to our guide on how to assemble an alarm cable onto a pipe. In this tutorial, we will walk you through the simple steps needed to secure your alarm cable and ensure proper functionality.
Overall, this project was a great opportunity to use my skills in video production to create a useful and valuable resource for our client. I am proud of the work that I have done and look forward to continuing to create high-quality content in the future.
Concept, Direction, Design & Animation: Rastlaus.Media
Client: Arcticflow
Producer: Rastlaus.Media
Freelancer: Christoffer Gundersen
Date: January, 2022

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