"Interurban" - Q-free
In collaboration with Q-free, Rastlaus Media has created this animated promo video. The purpose of this project is to sell their traffic management system for tolls.
The traffic management system connects systems and data to optimize transportation management, reduce congestion, and preserve economic prosperity and quality of life.

Data is essential for modern traffic management — having it, analyzing it, sharing it. Our advanced traffic management systems provide a fountain of traffic information and it loves to share.
It works on a regional level, allowing road operators to prevent or reduce congestion, detect and respond to incidents, and share data with drivers through traveler information systems, websites and even the media. With landlocked freeways and right of way issues, we can’t build our way out of gridlock. But. we can get more out of existing roadways with more efficient, cost-effective ATMS solutions
Concept, Direction, Design & Animation: Rastlaus.Media
Client: Q-free
Product: Interurban
Agency: Rastlaus.Media
Freelancer: Christoffer Gundersen
Voice-over: Renzyq19
Date: 2021

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