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Discover the World of Viking Crypto Punks while feasting on the play-to-earn games in Quantelica Ecosystem.

Viking Crypto Punks

is an action simulation visual novel about two heroes. The first - Ragnar, a mighty Northman from prehistoric Norway. The Viking’s bloodline is afflicted with an ancient curse, and to throw off the shackles of this evil fate, our hero will have to go through many trials and descend down into the dark depths of Helheim. The second hero - Alex, is a gifted workaholic researcher from the near future- 2039. He created a virus that is transmitted through meme pictures. Trying to distance himself from his high-pressure work, Alex finds a novel in which Ragnar is the main character. And Alex appears to Ragnar himself in his visions that come to him with his curse. Which one of these two heroes is real, and which one is trapped captive in an illusion?​​​​​​​
Unique NFT collections with 20 of the most badass characters from VCP made by our world-class artists to be some of the sexiest on the block! 

Owning A Card Gets You a Game Copy of Viking Crypto Punks , Plus Give You The Chance To Win A Bunch Of Cool Individual Cash Prizes... Including gold cards worth 
$1k to $600k. 
VCP NFT Card Collections
Next-level graphics, next-level incentives made by… you guessed correctly, next-level artists! You can win gold cards with huge individual cash prizes and all owners get a FREE game copy of Viking Crypto Punks™. The easiest way to get ahead.
How to get on the whitelist

For your chance to get on the whitelist. Do the five steps outlined below. Good luck! Or the easiest way is to purchase a VCP

Create Your Account - Connect Your Wallet - Discord - Do the  KYG - Install Launcher -Get Access?

As part of the project team, my responsibilities centered around creating an engaging promotional video using animation. This involved managing the project from start to finish, from storyboarding to 3D modeling, animation, compositing, and adding sound effects.
To achieve our objectives, I carefully planned and organized the project, ensuring that all aspects of the video creation process were completed efficiently and effectively. I developed the storyboard to provide a clear and compelling visual narrative, and then created 3D models that would bring the story to life.

Using a variety of animation techniques, I created a dynamic and engaging video that effectively conveyed the project's key messages. To ensure a seamless final product, I also added sound effects that enhanced the video's impact and overall quality.
Overall, I played a key role in the successful delivery of this project by utilizing my skills and expertise to create an animated promo video that met the project objectives and exceeded expectations.
Concept, Direction, Design & Animation: Rastlaus Media
Client: Quantelica
3D Motion Graphics: Christoffer Gundersen
Date: January/February 2023.

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