E-tak - Renewable energy
Expensive fossil energy? Does your new building also use the energy to fire for the Crows?
The installation of solar panels in residential and commercial structures is the main goal of our project. Through the usage of these solar panels, clean, renewable energy will be produced from the sun, reducing dependency on fossil fuels and greenhouse gas emissions. The installation procedure is easy and affordable, making it available to a variety of clients. People and companies may reduce their energy costs while simultaneously having a beneficial environmental impact by converting to solar energy.
Concept, Direction, Design & Animation: Rastlaus.Media
Client: E-tak (Isola Solar, Lett-Tak, TGN Energy)
Sub client: Fauna Media
Agency: Rastlaus.Media
Freelancer: Christoffer Gundersen
Voice-Over: Christian
Date: Oktober, 2022

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