"Robotic shipping cleaners" - Norsjor
Our project involves the development of self-cleaning robots that are designed to remove fouling from ships' hulls. Fouling is the accumulation of living organisms such as barnacles and algae on a ship's surface, which can cause drag and reduce the vessel's efficiency. Our robots use laser technology to safely and effectively remove fouling, allowing ships to operate at optimal performance levels.
The use of these robots can save ship owners time and money by reducing the need for manual cleaning and drydocking. Additionally, our robots offer a more environmentally-friendly solution, as they use a non-toxic cleaning method that does not harm marine life.
Concept, Direction, Design & Animation: Rastlaus.Media
Client: Norsjôr
Agency: Rastlaus.Media
Freelancer: Christoffer Gundersen
Date: September, 2022

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